If you live in the Seattle area or are planning on visiting I have fabulous news for you! And if you aren’t already planning a trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you just might after reading this!


Imagine truly being pain free and disease free. Imagine being healed without drugs or invasive surgery. I am talking about everything from sinus problems to cancer. That would be nothing short of miraculous, right? Well I believe in miracles, and I’ve witnessed plenty.

I have been professionally providing energy healing, including Reiki, intuitive readings and chakra balancing for the past 5 years. The results my clients have encountered have been pretty amazing! However, I felt that there was still something missing, especially for my clients that struggled with life threatening illness and disease. Being extremely empathic, I hate to see people suffering. So I have spent the last 5 years searching for IT – taking classes and workshops & learning and incorporating new modalities into my work. I’ve also taught Reiki, Human Energy & Chakra classes and a gorgeous Spiritual Development Retreat with a good friend and colleague. And I’ve loved every second of healing and teaching people how to do their own healing!

A few months ago I realized that while my toolbox is quite full it is also quite heavy! My quest for what I imagined to be the Ultimate Quantum Healing Tool was over and I decided it was time to give up on that search and continue using the wisdom and insight that I had already acquired through this journey. I was helping people and they were making significant strides in their life and I felt incredibly honored to be able to do this work.

I sent gratitude for the healing abilities I channel and my other skills out to The Universe/God/All That Is and vowed to work solely 100% from my heart in whatever capacity that is needed and continued on my way. I was not prepared for what happened next!

By releasing that hold & control over finding IT, IT miraculously found me!

With honor and great appreciation I can now offer Crystal Healing Therapy using the same channels as John of God in Abadiania, Brazil.


I have in my possession a Crystal Bed blessed by John of God himself. This is impossible to describe in detail in a few short words, so I have created a page on my website that you can access to see exactly what this is! Click here to go to that page. I have another full FAQ page that you can access at the bottom of that page if you want to learn even more about The Casa, John of God and his healing, and the crystals themselves!

Basically, this is what I would definitely, without a doubt, call Ultimate Quantum Healing! Somehow I knew it existed, but didn’t know exactly what it was until it presented itself to me. And as far as I know I am only 1 of 2 people in the state of Washington that can provide this. I am still in shock that this opportunity was laid in my lap, and that I was personally blessed by John of God and his Spiritual Healers (as were the crystals in my bed) to use this in my healing work.

Since adding this to my Intuitive Reiki Sessions, I have noticed that my intuition and Reiki healing have become clearer and increasingly stronger. I wish I could explain in words how incredible this is – you can click here to read some client testimonials and see how they described their experiences.

Are you ready to experience this profound healing and spiritual rejuvination? I am now offering the opportunity for you to enjoy this miraculous process!

What this includes is a full Reiki session with intuitive reading AND up to 60 minutes of Crystal Bath (Crystal Bed) Therapy. The session will last 1 1/2 – 2 hours – AND it is only $150 for all of it!
I am already getting quite booked up and only have so much time in the day so unfortunately these prices will have to change, but I will guarantee them until the end of July.

If you would like to take advantage of this and experience it first hand, you can go to my online calendar and book your spot. Click here to schedule now.
Remember, this can only be done in person (so get your flight plans ready!)

You don’t need to be ill to do this as it heals many things. Some people use the bed for Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. However if you (or someone you know) are suffering with any illness or disease and can’t afford this, please contact me to work something out. I want this to be available to all who are called to experience it.

Let your heart be your guide – and if you are guided to this please know that I lead with my heart as well.

In love and health,


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