John of God Crystal Bed Healing Sessions

Possible results of an Intuitive Reiki and Crystal Bed Healing experience:

  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Breakthroughs
  • Mental Clarity
  • Spiritual Connection

In addition, here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduced symptoms of illness and disease
  • Healing of the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual bodies
  • Releasing what no longer serves you
  • Clearing energy – yours and what isn’t yours
  • Breaking through limitations
  • Discovering underlying reasons for illness
  • Mental clarity and problem solving
  • Refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalize energy
  • Renewed beliefs and empowerment

Crystal Bed Healings intensely stimulate the body’s potential for self-recovery…

Crystal Bed Healing, also called Crystal Bath Therapy, is done in Abadiania, Brazil by John of God. To acquire an authentic Crystal Bed and permission to use it, you must be personally selected and blessed by John of God himself. I have been chosen by John of God to own and operate this bed here in the Seattle area and provide a whole new level of healing for you!

Crystal Bed Healing intensely stimulates the body’s potential for self-recovery, using seven exquisitely pure Vogel cut clear-cut quartz crystals to generate color and light therapy to cleanse, clear and raise the vibration of your chakras (also known as energy centers). This allows for deeper, more subtle energies within the individual to be aligned and brought into balance; igniting and accelerating one’s healing process and levels of overall well-being. Because of its positive and beneficial stimulation of the immune system, it is recommended for any case of physical or psychological healing. The vibration helps one manifest higher and higher levels of awareness, harmony and peace. Experiences can range from a sense of deep relaxation to being energized and in some cases, being profoundly moved and healed.

How does it the crystal bed work?

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Here is a great interview with Wayne Dyer where he talks a little about his experience with John of God and how he came to be in remission (still to this day) from Leukemia. This part of his story starts about 10 minutes in. 
Update: Wayne Dyer passed away August 29, 2015. During his autopsy they found absolutely no trace of leukemia in his body.  

A Typical Crystal Bed Session includes Intuitive Reiki…

A typical session is 90 minutes and begins with an Intuitive Reiki Session followed by up to 60 minutes on the Crystal Bed depending on the health of your body. You will lie fully dressed on a comfortable massage table with eyes closed and listening to soft music while the crystals gently pulse light to your chakras – healing all aspects of your “self”.

What clients are saying…

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I lost my mother suddenly 2 years ago and had been unable to connect with her. I recently had a session with Laura and she performed Reiki and prepared my chakras for my session on the crystal bed. The experience I had was miraculous. At one point I found myself running across a street when a woman leapt out in front of me before I made it to the other side. She hugged me and embraced me so tightly that I could physically feel pressure on my body and I felt so comforted. I pulled my head back and looked at who was hugging me and saw my mother’s face. I saw it so clearly. After getting up I felt invincible. So clear minded and so happy. What I felt was real and I don’t know if I could have connected with my mother without this amazing tool. 

Stephanie Y

I recommend Laura’s Reiki reading and Crystal Healing Bed to anyone looking to achieve a new level of awareness and healing. Laura’s assessment was on point, and prepared me perfectly for the Crystal Bed. I left feeling uncharacteristically clearheaded, which has given me a new awareness of how it feels to be at peace. With this knowledge, I now know what feeling I seek to achieve through my daily spiritual practices. 

Lynda J

I have been going to Laura and the Crystal Bed Healing sessions for over 6 months. Lately I have been going every week. I look forward to this time. I have found it to be great for healing past trauma that was still there on a deep level. I have had so many different experiences on many levels. Some times I come out very spacey and need to eat before I head home – I know these times something very deep and profound has happened. Other times I am highly energetic and feel like a load has been lifted. I highly recommend these sessions! Laura is a ray of sunshine and her kind , intuitiveness sets the tone for each session. She truly cares about everyone that comes in, no matter if you are coming for Reiki or a crystal bed season.

Terese H

How often should I come to treat an injury or for maintenance?

There is a maximum 1 hour per day on the bed. Because the healing continues for 24-48 hours after your session, I personally believe twice a week is more than sufficient if wanting to heal something intensively,and once a week (or once every two weeks) is enough for moderate healing. Once a month is great for maintenance, less severe ailments or ongoing support.

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