Everyone on this planet has a unique reason for being here. We all have a divine purpose. Some of us know what it is, and others don’t even think about it. But there is a reason. And if you pay attention to how you act/react in the world you may discover what it is. Some are here for disruption, some are here for change. And some of us are lightworkers. Are you a lightworker?

A lightworker is a healer. They are here to help heal – people, animals, even the environment. A healer can show up in many ways. Most obvious would be a doctor, counselor, massage therapist, surgeon. But did you know that even musicians, artists, and parents are healers? Anyone that does anything that makes a positive difference in the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual well being of someone is a healer. Things that cause shifts in attitude, such as a great song, aromatic flower or even a hug – promotes healing. And those that provide these things are sometimes lightworkers.

A lightworker usually lives a very challenging life. There are a lot of traumatic events that take place over the course of a lightworkers lifetime. Their life can read like an intense movie script. This is how they develop the deep compassion and empathy that is a huge part in the role they play. If this sounds like you, then find a place of gratitude in your heart for all you have endured – it has been training for the job! All those things that seemed like bad luck, a curse, or karma that happened TO you actually have happened FOR you!

A lightworker also pretty much pulls away from everything political or competitive. They don’t tend to watch the news and might not seem very aware of what is going on out there in the big bad world.

But oh, they are! They are very aware! However, it is their true nature to stay neutral through all the turmoil. A lightworkers job this lifetime is to attempt to keep the energy balanced, or at a higher vibration.

Remember, our reality is made up of what the mass consciousness is believing. If everyone believed and created fear, then we would all be doomed. The lightworkers on the planet vibrate at a higher frequency – the frequency of love. If 51% of the population held this vibration on a constant basis then our world right now would be a totally different place. But the truth is that more than 51% of the population is vibrating in fear. And fear breeds fear. So those glued to the news and the politics and the violence are just creating more.

The good news is that love also breeds love. So, the more lightworkers that become aware of their purpose will help generate a more peaceful planet. It’s a hard job, probably the toughest. It is hard to come under criticism and judgement for not voting, or not taking a stand on political agendas. It is hard to be accused of not caring about other people because you aren’t getting the flu shot or immunizing your children. Of being seen as a conspiracy theorist for having different thoughts and reactions. Or for anything that you, as a lightworker, hold firmly as a belief amidst all the controversy.

Lightworkers MUST remain neutral. If they fall out of that for even a moment, they lower the vibration of the planet. And that can be tough. But they hold strong to their commitment of their purpose on the planet and still continue holding that positivity, that light, that others can’t help but absorb just by being in their presence.

Pay attention to all those struggling around you that seem to stay positive in the midst of challenge. Look at those with severe handicaps or sufferings that are still smiling and not letting anything get them down or rob them of their happy spirit. Those are the lightworkers. The ones who you look at and wonder why they haven’t given up yet. The ones that inspire you to keep going yourself.

Lightworkers still have their ups and downs, but they will still be the first to be there for you when you are having trouble. They are the ones that endlessly give all they can to help others feel better and experience personal growth. The counselors, the teachers, the volunteers. The healers. You could also call them Human Angels.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Does this sound like you?

Are you a lightworker?

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