Client Comments

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Released a lot of blocks

Laura was easy to connect with and has a calm demeanor. She listens and was able to have a conversation with me, really listening to what I wanted to share. I felt very comfortable working with her and trusted the process. It was my first time using the crystal bed and the experience was amazing. I was able to release a lot of "blocks" and things just recirculating in my head and heart. The after effects were also great. My body, mind, and soul felt like they were definitely replenished. Clarity is what I wanted and gained from that experience and I'm looking forward to getting on that crystal bed again.

Julia H

Reiki Lessons

In August I decided to learn more about the healing energy of Reiki. I had read about it and found Laura online. After meeting with her I felt comfortable and at ease. I wasn't sure I would be able to feel the energy but I am excited to say that I can. Laura is very warm, knowledgeable and intelligent. I enjoyed learning more about Reiki and the support she gave me and another student during the 3 days of training. Laura provides handouts and support through email and other ways to contact her. I recommend her as a teacher and look forward to seeing her for other classes.

Karla Q

I was skeptical

I had never tried Reiki before and was a bit skeptical. I am so happy I decided to go in to see Laura. This was an amazing experience and am definitely going to go back.

Dustin B

Reiki Lessons

Laura is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. You will not regret hiring her!

Susan B

Reiki Healing

It was an amazing experience !! Can't wait to go back!

Rajneesh V

First time success!

I had never tried Reiki before my session with Laura. She made it wonderful! She is so calm and kind combined with strong and mighty in her healing powers. A great combination! And the John of God crystal bed session just adds to the beautiful time of serenity. Treat yourself!

Julee C

Reiki Class

Searched on-line for months until I found Laura's video about her Reiki class. Once I saw it, I knew I was taking her class. It exceeded my expectations in every way! Laura is so genuine and kind. She makes sure everyone understands what she's teaching. The best part is having all the other students practice Reiki on you! It's so healing! I've used Reiki on my friends, family, pets, friends pets and on myself. It's a life long healing modality that every being can benefit from. You will not be disappointed by taking Laura's Reiki class, or receiving a Reiki session from her. She's truly amazing!

Julie Ann M

Chakras are aligned

I had a wonderful Reiki experience, I leave feeling like I'm walking straight & my Chakra are aligned. Laura is a master at this craft & I'm proud to say she's also my mentor! My second Chakra was really hot so whatever she did it felt great & balanced out the baggage that goes with that chakra!

Teanna W


Absolutely incredible! She was so kind and attentive, I WILL be a loyal client from here on!

Kimberly B


I originally saw Laura for a Reiki session and Crystal Bed Healing session and was truly amazed at the information she was getting from my body. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Words cannot describe what an amazing person Laura is. I later sent her a ton of emails which she responded to every single one with 101 questions (or more) I had for what the next step would be for me. She suggested the VIP day and it was the best investment I have ever made. She had done so much work on what would benefit me the most that day that I honestly couldn't believe it. She had let me know in advance that she might change what we do that day and for the first time ever, I completely trusted that whatever she would choose would be perfect for me. And she did not disappoint. I received so much information and she is so full of knowledge, I was truly astonished how much she put into our day. I was originally dreading spending a whole day off doing this, but she was so much fun to be with and so full of information that I completely lost track of time and did not want it to end.
She instantly makes you feel comfortable and explains everything she is doing. She is so knowledgeable and she has an answer for anything you throw at her--even if it's completely off of the subject. Again, I have no words that can describe how amazing she is. She has definitely been such a ray of light with amazing positive energy, she has completely changed my life. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and she leaves me wanting more and more.
For anyone who is skeptical about any service she offers, I challenge you to try. It is an investment that you won't regret and she will change your life. She has certainly changed mine. I can't thank you enough Laura! :)

Tammy B

VIP day

I've seen Laura a few times for Reiki, as well as the Crystal bed and have had nothing but great experiences! Upon my last visit with her, I explained some inner troubles I was dealing with, and she recommended the VIP day for me. I hadn't realized that was an option, and once looking into it further - it sounded like it would be a great way to help progress my journey to self love. Laura does an amazing job with researching any and everything she possibly can to help you on your VIP day. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information she brought to our session and still haven't had the opportunity to look through it all thoroughly - but am SO glad to have the handouts and even personal information about myself to refer to during my own practices.
She brings such a happy and positive energy to each session and I always leave feeling so energized and ready to tackle whatever obstacle that's in my way! I highly encourage anyone who may feel stuck, discouraged, or just simply needing a boost in your personal journey - to seriously consider a VIP day with Laura! We laughed, I cried, I healed, we ate good food and kept one another company throughout the day and I am extremely grateful our paths have crossed in this life!

Mary Glasco
Mary Jo Photography

My heart felt tender and focused upon throughout

This was my first experience with Reiki and my session with Laura was awesome. I didn't really know what to expect but it was relaxing, she spoke to me during it and I felt very energized.

The Crystal Bed experience was very cool. I immediately had an emotional release for a few minutes and then didn't fall asleep but went...somewhere else? My heart felt tender and focused upon throughout. At points I saw visuals (I was wearing an eyemask to block out light) and overall, look forward to the healing and shift in energy.

I highly recommend doing sessions with Laura. Her personality and vibe are great and I hope to come back!

Patrick Neill Gundran

Noticed my happiness level increase

"I had only heard about the John of God Crystal Healing Bed, and when I was presented with an amazing winter deal that Laura was having, I jumped all over it! Upon meeting her, I instantly felt calm and welcome in her studio. She was very friendly, educated, and informative on every subject that came up during my reiki session. She was refreshingly intuitive to my current struggles that I hadn't even expressed in my pre questionnaire.
Sometimes it's hard to notice any type of difference after such a session as this. But now 2 weeks later, I have noticed my happiness level increase, my ability to accept love has also increased, and I've been able to push forward in my business ventures better than I had been able to before!
The Crystal bed was an experience all in itself. I felt major waves of emotions and even end up crying twice - without any specific memory triggering it! I wanted to fight it, but let it come and go and left feeling refreshed.

I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone who is stuck in a rut, having issues letting go of specific emotions, or is just looking for a boost in their life!"

Mary G

Crystal Bed

I was having some stomach issues for a while and they were getting pretty bad. I went to the doctor and he informed me that I had an ulcer. He was quick to prescribe me some medication to take for the next 6 months. To me, that sounded like a horrible idea. I've been wanting to give the Crystal Bed a try, so I decided to book an appointment. It's hard to explain the feelings of what went on during my appointment, but I must say I felt great, relaxed, and soothed when it was done. I never did go pick up that medication, and my stomach problems were no longer present.

Justin Oliver

I experienced real sensation of repair in my heart

In these changing times, the combination of Reiki and a John of God Crystal bed are powerful tools for healing. Laura Young is a true Master and Holder of a strong energetic matrix. I experienced real sensation of repair in my heart (came with chest pains), not just in the physical realm, but on many more levels than I had bargained. I feel one must be open to these kinds of modalities and trust in their power. That is when they work the best. You will not be disappointed in this unique experience if you are looking for healing on any level, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I am truly grateful for the changes I have experienced.

Molly Knight Forde
Molly Knight Forde

I Got Off the Bed and Was PAIN FREE!

I had the experience of the Crystal Bed and it was an incredible experience. I had back surgery 9 months ago and then 11 days later foot surgery. I am still gaining strength and experience some pain at times. I have had some bladder issues as well due to the cutting of my muscles and the strengthening or lack of strength. I got off the bed and was pain free!!! It lasted 5 days and a lot of my bladder issues cleared up as well. Pain Free, and 5 days of it was FANTASTIC!!! If you haven't used the Crystal bed, I highly recommend it. I also felt more energy during the session that I know was being released from my body. Thank you Laura for your healing hands an unbelievable time...Life is Good

Sue McCormick


WOW! Stuff is HAPPENING! When I had my session my primary intention was more clarity about 'Writing'. I AM writing! And joined a class. All is becoming more and more clear! I am delighted and thrilled with all that is happening! (This had been an intention for some 25 years!)

Freddy D Gerow

deep energetic healing

I have been going to Laura and the Crystal Bed Healing sessions for over 6 months. Lately I have been going every week. I look forward to this time. I have found it to be great for healing past trauma that was still there on a deep level. I have had so many different experiences on many levels. Some times I come out very spacey and need to eat before I head home - I know these times something very deep and profound has happened. Other times I am highly energetic and feel like a load has been lifted. I highly recommend these sessions! Laura is a ray of sunshine and her kind , intuitiveness sets the tone for each session. She truly cares about everyone that comes in, no matter if you are coming for reiki or a crystal bed season.

Terese Higgins

Spring Special Hour of Power

I heard about the Spring Special from another healer, Lyndsey Paul, which was a phenomenal deal consisting of a power packed hour of both Reiki and time on the John of God Crystal Healing Bed.
I agree with many of the other client comments, as my experience was aligned with theirs. This woman knows her stuff and she loves to share her gifts and wisdom and does so with a kind heart and from a place of true non judgment. Her website is packed full of powerful and free information that was very helpful to me both before and definitely after my session. She also referred me to a few other resources ( books, meditations, processes ) that have also further aided me in my path to self discovery and growth.
She is recently offering more appointments with extended hours - good news to those of us who have busy weekends, work late, or live a distance from Edmonds. Great news for my Husband who was lucky enough to see her (also utilizing the Spring Special) - for his torn MCL. The overall reduction in pain for him was such a welcome relief. At his next physical therapy session, his flexibility and endurance were markedly improved and the swelling was decreased, his therapist was pleased. His Ortho Doc tor was happy with his progress and he is just thrilled to be walking with greater ease.
We will be seeing Laura again because she is a gifted healer and an amazing intuitive. Thank You Laura for offering the Spring Special Hour of Power :)

Jeff and Danielle Van Hyfte

Relaxing, Informative, Healing, and FUN!

Laura preformed energy work on me, and was able to immediately pinpoint my problem areas! She gently got the energy flowing there, and was enthusiastic to share ideas on how to do some deeper personal work to continue my healing. She is a very gentle spirit and generous with her intuitive wisdom, I felt very safe and nurtured the whole time!
And the crystal bed is totally out of this world! Plus you get to lie on a comfy squishy table with soft fuzzy blankets! Did I mention that the energy in the space is incredible? You can see the water from her windows.
After my healing I felt more comfortable in my body (we released pain and other imbalances), and empowered to continue moving forward in my spiritual, physical, and emotional growth! I would recommend Laura to anyone with any ailment, physical, mental, emotional or otherwise!

Heather Pippin
Healing Cranes

Non-judgmental Approach

Laura was very kind and understanding. Her non-judgmental approach made me feel comfortable and welcome. She was easy to talk to and very accurate with her findings. I left feeling relaxed and happy. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Nichole F

Invaluable Advice

Laura is such a pleasant, knowledgeable young lady who not only performed an excellent Reiki healing and crystal bed healing but gave me invaluable advice on what could be causing a pain on my right side that I have had for a year. She taught me how to dispel negative energy at home, which helps immeasurably. I look forward to attending her Reiki class in a few months. I recommend her to anyone wanting an authentic Reiki healing, and her crystal bed is marvelous.

Virginia L

Loving Soul

Very kind, gentle, loving soul

Gary F

Profoundly Healing

Laura is a natural born healer. She is intuitive, extremely friendly and profoundly healing. Her office is amazing with all the crystals and breathtaking view of the sound. Truly a pleasure to experience!

Julie M

Amazing Experience!

I did the Reiki and Crystal Bed session with Laura and it was wonderful! She is so intuitive and it felt like she zeroed right in on what I needed. Her energy is so positive and peaceful. I left my session with a great sense of calm and clarity. Can't wait to go back!


What a difference every time!

I have gone to Laura for Reiki for several years and then, last year, incorporated the John of God bed in to our sessions.
Laura has a way of making me feel extremely comfortable and I trust her presence. She is extremely intuitive and hits the nail on the head.
Her Reiki treatments always move energy for me and I feel "different" when I leave.
The John of God bed is amazing. I go off in to state of tranquility as the energy crystals work their magic. I come away from these sessions relaxed, rested, clear minded and transformed! Best way to spend an afternoon!


Experience a state of deep relaxation and clarity of mind

Laura's healing hands and crystal bed was just what I needed. I was a soon to be bride, consumed with wedding planning and so overwhelmed. I was not able to fully rest, but I did not know how bad it was until I saw Laura and received a Reiki treatment followed by the crystal bed. If you want or need to experience a state of deep relaxation and clarity of mind, I encourage you to see Laura Young!

Jaki McQuiston
Mulika Project, LLC

40 year sugar addiction vanished!

In regards to Laura's Spring Special (a 1 hour combo session of Reiki AND Crystal Bed Healing for $125), this is a really good deal for someone as experienced as Laura... I highly recommend her... She is amazing! I went to see her in January hoping to heal my feet, so I can run long distances again and to get insight on a past grief issue... I came back feeling more peaceful and my 40 year sugar addiction seems to have vanished without explanation. This in turn has altered my eating routine, and as a result I am much lighter on my feet which hurt way less now enabling me to run farther and more often. I'd say that was worth the money!

Molly B - Auburn, WA

Amazing and tranquil

I had a Reiki session and Crystal Bed session with Laura and I must say she is a phenomenal healer. She has amazing intuitive insight as she gently worked on the different areas that needed attention. I felt completely respected and honored by her abilities. What a gift you have in your midst in the Seattle area! I will certainly be back next time I am in the area.

Dani Bates
Theta Soul

Very Relaxing & Pleasant Experience

I recently had a session with Laura, including reiki and the crystal bed. The space was quiet, comfortable and peaceful. I found her energy to be very kind, calming and 'clean'.
She was intuitive and said things that resonated with me, and also gave me insights into my self/being that I hadn't previously seen.
All in all it was a very relaxing pleasant experience .

Susan O'Donnell

Laura is love, warmth, and generosity

I worked with Laura in a life coaching session and her intuition really blew me away. She was so approachable and I automatically felt comfortable baring my soul to her. After our short time together I felt as if she really knew me. She is sincere and incredibly generous with herself. I would have paid twice what she is currently charging for the session we had. You won't be disappointed.

Yvonne Ling Kao

Clearly-cleanly answered my questions

Laura's energy is very insightful, contagious, accurate and compassionate!

In the beginning of our session she was able to connect with certain aspects of my energy that others have not and clearly-cleanly answered my questions on many levels.

During the Crystal Healing session, my Chakras became more aligned and focused to where I was more conscious of my Heart and Soul. Certain guides that are helping me with my future came through with their messages loud clear like non other.

I will certainly sign up for another session for the first one was just a warm up for more intense and insightful experiences.

Thank You, Laura

Nels Peterson


I saw Laura in May 2014. I chose the Reiki/John of God Crystal Bed Healing Service. I was absolutely in awe at how wonderful I felt after. I am sure this testimonial won't do its amazing energy justice, but I will do my best.
I walked in and instantly felt invited in Laura's warm and calming presence, her soft smile. She instantly made me feel relaxed. I lay down and experienced the reiki she offers to really give that extra boost to the session. She talked about different things she felt in my aura and she was spot on. I didn't even know I was in denial about some issues and so glad she brought them up so I could release them. I then moved to the John of God Crystal Healing Bed and She let me choose the length of how long I wished to experience it. She checked on me half way through to make sure I was still comfortable and offered me water, how sweet.
Now onto the bed, I experienced seeing colors, feeling movement in the room, I even felt spirits there. The best part of the session was when I saw a past life memory that was relevant to my present struggles in relationships with certain individuals. I really received clarity and felt an emotional release. After the session, I felt so energized and ready to run a marathon if I wanted to.
I highly recommend Laura, her intuitive and healing abilities paired together are a treat to experience. I am so glad that she has this bed, what a valuable and enlightening tool, I will definitely use again!

Lyndsey Paul
Quantum Sol LLC

Loved this experience

I treated myself to this time with Laura and was so glad I did! She greeted me like we were old friends putting me at ease right away. She has such a warm and welcoming way - and a clear mastery of her skills and abilities! The reiki and consultation was thorough and insightful. I felt safe and cared for the whole time. And the time on the crystal bed provided me an hour of reflective time that allowed me to consider all sorts of grand possibilities. From start to finish it was special. I would certainly do it again. Treat yourself!

Julee Cunningham

Got Me Grounded Again

I recently had a Reiki and crystal bed session with Laura. The Reiki session was wonderful and Laura got me grounded again and realigned my chakras. You definitely know when things are in their right place. I then went on to her crystal bed. It was extremely relaxing and during the 45 minute session I felt so much energy surging around and in to my body. The session has left me feeling so positive about the things that are ahead of me.
Laura is wonderful and I highly recommend a session with her. She knows what she's doing!

Lorie K.

Received Very Clear Messages

Due to certain issues I've been dealing with on a physical and emotional level, my 3rd Chakra has been a bit out of whack. Laura picked up on this during the Reiki session and we discussed what'd been going on with me. Once she was done aligning me she had me get on the bed, under the crystals. As soon as she turned on the lights that pulse through them, my 3rd Chakra suddenly felt like it had caught on fire. It was clear that there was definitely some healing work to be done there! As I continued to lay there I felt what seemed like a cat pawing at my 3rd Chakra. I then started to receive very clear messages about certain issues in my life that I'd previously had only a little clarity on. I finished the session feeling calmer and more sure of myself and my path. I absolutely will be going back for another session!


Crystal Bed Healing Session Was Lovely

My whole Crystal Bed Healing session was lovely... Your home is inviting, warm and you have created a space where I felt safe to be open for this new experience. I loved the Reiki you did to get me warmed up for the crystal bed. Laura you are amazing - I'm so coming back for another Reiki session with you..The crystal bed was very cool.. the whole bed, the crystals, the colors, Yummy! The 45 minutes just melted away. The quacking in my head (usually loud) mellowed out. Never happened before when I meditate or try and quiet my head. I felt warm and ok I did keep having the feeling that I was slipping off the bed even though I knew the bed was level. Maybe my body started quacking to give my brain a break. Not really sure. Another thing that I experienced was a sharp pain in my left shoulder, it just started to throb. But as I wondered what it was, I felt this warm touch right on the spot that was hurting it lasted (the touch and the warm) until my session was over. The whole thing was awesome and Laura you have created warm loving space. Thanks again I really liked the whole thing and will do it again.. See you soon..

ilene kelly

Crystal Bed

While resting comfortably on the table after a mini Reiki session from Laura, I first observed defense mechanisms, old patterns, and discomforts that had blocked my system throughout my life. While breathing through them on the table I felt them leave my energy system. I've no doubt that transition will springboard my body into the next level of vibration.

Travis Taylor

Connected with my mom!

I have always been attracted to energy healing before I truly knew what it was. I have enjoyed yoga and meditation since my early teens but had no idea why it made me feel so good. April 14th 2012 was the day that changed my life forever, I lost my mother suddenly and always urged to connect with her. I was 23 when she passed away, and losing your mother at that age has been and probably will be the hardest thing I will go through in my lifetime. I recently had a session with Laura. She performed reiki and prepared my chakras for my session on the crystal bed. The first fifteen minutes I found myself thinking and clouding my mind, then suddenly I stopped. My mind was clear. I laid on the bed for 45 minutes total, and the experience I had was miraculous. At one point I was floating through a canyon, that turned into clouds. I saw so many things, and consciously I was awake but had no control on what was being showed to me. Finally I found myself running across a street, a woman leapt out in front of me before I made it to the other side. She hugged me and embraced me so tightly that I could physically feel pressure on my body and I felt so comforted. I pulled my head back and looked at who was hugging me and saw my mothers face. I saw it so clearly. It made me cry a tear, it physically came out of my right eye. I felt my eye and it was not in my dream state, I actually had a teardrop on my cheek. She disappeared slowly then my time was up. After my session I continued to lay for a few minutes. After getting up I felt invincible. So clear minded and so happy. What I felt was real and I don't know if I could have connected with my mother without this amazing tool. I will forever cherish this experience and will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you Laura for this.


New Awareness

I recommend Laura's Reiki reading and Crystal Healing Bed to anyone looking to achieve a new level of awareness and healing. Laura's assessment was on point, and prepared me perfectly for the Crystal Bed. I left feeling uncharacteristically clearheaded, which has given me a new awareness of how it feels to be at peace. With this knowledge, I now know what feeling I seek to achieve through my daily spiritual practices.

Lynda J.

Accurate Reading

Laura did a reading for me and she was so accurate. She picked up on things going on in my life as well as how and who I am as a person. I recommend her.

Mitzi Childress

Experienced Positive Changes

I would like to share that I have worked with Laura and have had several sessions. Laura was concise and super intuitive in every aspect in her readings with me. I have experienced positive changes and new growth in my life and found true value in her teachings. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family, she is a gifted healer.


Helped Me Build A Life Built of Love and Light

These last few months of sobriety are due to the beautiful relationship with my Higher power, but it has also a great deal to do with the tools I learned from taking a 10 week coaching program with Laura Young. I spent an hour or so a week with Laura - we talked about the week then went into a meditation where I listened to my hearts desires, dealt with pain that was holding me back, loved the little girl inside me and visualized the life I wanted for myself. Thank you Laura Young for the tools you shared with me that helped me build a life made purely of love and light.

Angelina Nicole

Very Compassionate Soul

I had the fortunate experience of receiving a reading from Laura Young and I just want to say that she is Amazing! She is a very compassionate soul with an amazing ability to tell you things that only a true intuitive would know. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a reading or an energy session.

Mark Smith
Mystic Mocha

Provides a Bridge to Healing

Laura has an incredible depth of insight. Her deep knowing and sensitivity provides a bridge to healing. She is an inspiration to others and her work is transformational!

Anna Marie

Helped Me Form a Vision For My Life

Laura's compassionate and inspiring guidance helped me to form my vision for my new year in life. We developed a vision, goals to move me in the direction of my vision, and tactical and measurable action steps to perpetuate me toward my goals. Prior to our session I was feeling stuck. I am grateful for Laura's coaching which launched me forward!

Amy M

I Leave Feeling Clear and Loved

Laura's gifts insights and grounded advice feel like a loving, steady hand guiding me through and beyond my places of fear and stuckness. I leave her feeling clear and loved, and hopeful about my prospects for the future. I couldn't recommend her more highly!

Sunny Speidel
The Luminous Body

Moved To a Place of Love and Truth

Laura shares her profound wisdom with compassion and true understanding. Her ability to get to your underlying fears and help you move to a place of love and truth enables the healing process to begin. I am grateful for the insight and love that she has given me. I encourage everyone to experience a session with Laura. Your life will be forever changed.

Mira Torres
Seek Empowerment

Bathing in Grace, Serentity and Pure Love

Having a session with Laura is like bathing in grace, serenity and pure love. Laura's insights are astounding and her clarity never ceases to amaze me. I could not recommend anyone higher for energy work. Laura's a true gifted intuitive and I am honored to be able to work with her.

I Highly Recommend Laura

I had a reading with Laura for the first time a couple of months ago. I had no idea what to expect, but she read my chakras and was spot on. I actually already knew my 2nd sacral chakra had been shut almost completely, and that my throat chakra was open as I am very open and communicative about myself and my problems. This is what blew my mind. I knew that several of my chakras were not working properly, and the fact that she picked them out was amazing! I have a lot of work to do and have an addictive personality and I still fall back into those bad habits. I am hoping to get another reading to help with those issues. I highly recommend Laura. She is AWESOME!

Debbera Neilson

Opened My Heart to Truth and Light

Thank you so much for the session and your help in furthering my knowledge about chakras, spirit, and my own soul. The session yesterday really opened my heart (and my chakras!) to truth and light. I will always be grateful for your help.

Opportunity to be Held, Healed and Uplifted

Laura's gifts of insight, accuracy and healing are wrapped in the best gift of all - unconditional love! Her ability to be present in universal love and heartfelt empathy is a long lost are our souls are yearning for. It has been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to be held, healed and uplifted by her loving treatments. I suggest anyone needing healing of the heart, health, body or soul sign up for a session.

Kelly Jean
Integrative Coaching

Appreciate How Direct and Honest You Were

In the 3 months since we last spoke, my life has been changing for the better. I believe the direction I have been headed ultimately has to do with your guidance and words. I still marvel at the impact you have had in my life with the short amount of time we had together! You told me that I would get my money figured out this year, and that I would meet someone soon to help me with that. I did meet with a money coach that helped with a profound shift in my thinking. This has led me down a new path to start taking charge of my life and my money in many different ways. Also you told me that my dream of being a parent coach was supported by my guides. That has given me the confidence to continue taking steps forward in my pursuit.  Granted, these are still baby steps, but I'm not giving up on it or me. Last but not least, I am realizing that it is important for me to be able to connect with my guides, and have been working towards figuring out how to do that! I truly appreciate how easily you made a connection with me just in the first couple of minutes on our call. I also appreciate how direct and honest you were in my reading. I can still feel the compassion and support you offered during the call and excitement that continues to stay with me since our call. Thank you so much for making your gift available to all of those who come to you!

I Was Impressed!

I enjoyed my reading with Laura. She was prepared and had some information for me that brought to light an issue I was having physically. She also went a little further and helped me with an important decision I needed to make. I was impressed and intend on another reading. Worth your time!

Mark P

Insight With The Chakra System

Would I recommend Laura Young and her intuitive coaching? Yes, if you are truly willing to take her advice and implement it. Her insight using the chakra system will help you uncover how your body is trying to speak to you about your life choices and your future.
For full review click here.

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