Laura Young
Intuitive Healer
Crystal Bed Practitioner

S.N.A.P. Change! Coach
Reiki & Spiritual Development Teacher

Who am I? Thanks so much for asking!

By connecting to YOU – to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies, to your higher self and inner wisdom, to you deepest needs and desires – we (YOU and I) are able to heal what is no longer serving you and align your energies to your true essence!
This is all about YOU and finding the ways unique to you to move gracefully into your Divine Self

Through coaching and teaching I’m the one …

… holding up the mirror for you so you can see your beauty and magnificence…

… guiding you towards the realization of your soul’s journey – the one uniquely crafted for you…

… shining the light while you travel to those dark places to reclaim your true essence…

… that will help you find your power to finally speak your truth and claim your brilliance…

… that is your cheerleader as you discover your Divine Alignment…

… that will hold your hand as you journey from where you are now to the phenomenal life that is your birthright…

Sound too good to be true?
I assure you it’s not!

I’m here to tell you that this is MY passion and my purpose – to show every person on the planet that wants to be shown how to live the life you are truly here to live!

I’ve spent decades to get to this place myself. And I want to share this place with you – from a point of love, neutrality and non-judgment.

Nothing can shock me. I’ve pretty much “been there – done that” at one time or another. So don’t be afraid.

Looking at the past can be scary. Looking at the future can be scary. Change can be scary. I promise you will be safe.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got”

Are you ready now for more than that? Then take my hand ... Let’s start you on your incredible journey!

And during Intuitive Reiki and Crystal Bed Healing Sessions I’m …

… the facilitator for your healing experience on the Crystal Bed

… the vessel through which Reiki healing passes into your body

… the one that connects deeply into your energy, your spirit guides, your higher self to create alignment in all aspects of your health

… clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and use these gifts to re-balance your energy and pass along messages to you

My background:

Even though I was born, raised and currently live in the Seattle area, I assist people across the country and beyond by giving intuitive readings, healing, coaching, and teachings. Being able to completely read the energy body, know immediately where the disconnect is and then creating a plan to align and heal for a client’s relief and higher good is my blessing and my truth.

Experiencing sexual and emotional trauma throughout my childhood, two physically abusive marriages (yeah, I’m a slow learner!) and raising my 3 children totally alone from the age of 23, I began working on my own struggles over 2 decades ago and through the challenges I found my extraordinary inner strength and enlightenment. Knowing my passion was to serve and support others with my developed gifts and experience, I began my healing practice in 2009. I created the S.N.A.P. Change! Coaching program through my own personal deep work and my commitment to help others heal as well in the ways unique to them.

I also love teaching others how to develop and use their own intuition through intensive workshops, and also teach Reiki to those that have recognized their own healing gifts and want to help heal themselves and others.

Some of my certifications include:

  • Reiki Master – Marie Manuchehri
  • 2 year Continued Mentorship Program – Marie Manuchehri
  • Gendai Reiki Ho – Hedvah and Iana Davis
  • Medical Intuitive Training – Caroline Sutherland
  • Virtual Lap Band Certified Practitioner – Caroline Sutherland
  • Professional Intuitive Training – Erin Pavlina
  • Certified Coach for Self Esteem Elevation in Children and Adults – Joseph Rubino
  • Advanced Face Reading – Jean Haner
  • 4E (4 Elements) Practitioner – Debra Silverman
  • Medical Intuitive – Patti Conklin

I have also studied in person and/or online with:

  • Past Life Regression – Ainslie Macleod
  • Aura Reading – Dougall Frasier
  • 4 Elements Astrology – Debra Silverman
  • 9 Star Ki – Jean Haner
  • Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much – Colette Baron Reid
  • Angel Card Reading – Doreen Virtue
  • Six Sensory Living – Sonia Choquette
  • Radical Healing Journey – Skip Lackey for Brandon Bays
  • Advanced Journey Skills – Brandon Bays
  • The Journey for Kids – Skip Lackey for Brandon Bays

I have fallen in love with my spirituality and will continue to study and learn for my own pleasure and also to incorporate into and expand my healing and teaching.






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