Businesswoman with question mark

 Is this relationship right for me?
Should I change careers? Should I look for a new job?
How can I make more money right now?
Should I have kids? Should I get a pet?
Should I move? Where should I move? Should I stay or should I go?
What is my next best step?

We all have questions running through our mind all the time.
The real question is how do we get answers?


The correct and best answers to all of your questions already exist.
What? (yes I heard that!) Let me say it again:
The correct and best answers to all of your questions already exist.

Since we live most of our lives in our ego/mind/brain looking for the logical answers, it can be difficult get the true answer.
You can’t find it through rationalization. You find it through your intuition.

Yes, you do have an intuitive side even if you don’t think you’ve ever accessed it before. But you have! It has shown up for you in the past, in the form of a nagging sense you should or should not do something, or by thinking about something and then it happens. A lot of people brush this off as coincidence but once you know the proper way to access it and process it, you may find that this is a tool you don’t know how you lived without!

Like anything else, you can make this hard or you can make this simple. I prefer the easier route to get from point A to point B – if you do too then continue reading. I will take you through a short, sweet and simple 4 step process that will give you the RIGHT answer to any difficult decision or question you have in your life right now. And it will take less than 30 minutes for you to do this! Want to give it a try? I mean, what have you got to lose, right?

What you will need:

  • A quiet place to spend 20-30 minutes without being interrupted
  • A short audio of a grounding or balancing meditation
  • A notebook or journal and a pen

Step One:

Settle in to your quiet spot, preferably sitting with your feet on the floor (like a couch or comfortable chair).
On the top of a piece of paper in your notebook or journal, write down the question you would like the answer to.
This can be anything at all – should I move, where should I move, is this relationship right for me, where is this relationship going, should I make a job/career change, what can I do to love the job I’m at right now, what can I do to best serve ____, what can I do to heal my illness, what is the next best step I can take to get to my desired outcome, etc.
Nothing is off limits. If you have a lot of questions you would like the answer to, just pick one to start.
Set your notebook/journal and pen down next to you.

Step Two:

Listen to a short guided meditation, no longer than 10 minutes, to ground and center yourself. It can be anything of your choice – you just want to get out of your head and into your heart. Your answers will not be coming from your head. This will bring you into the present moment and keep you away from the past and future. The goal is to be in the present moment during this exercise. Your correct answers are coming from NOW.
If you like, you can access my short grounding meditation at the bottom of this post.

Step Three:

After the meditation is done, and once you feel like you are in the present moment, open your eyes.
Pick up your notebook/journal and read the question you wrote out loud.
Next put the pen to the paper and just write, without thinking, for 10 minutes. Do not read what you are writing, do not edit, do not stop. You may go longer than 10 minutes and that is ok. If at any point you don’t know what to write, just write “I don’t know what to write” and continue.
If you find you are writing anything negative, fear based, or you are “thinking” about what to write then go back and do the meditation again. You are in your ego and not your intuition if this happens. And that’s ok, don’t get frustrated. It may take a time or two before this works for you, but I guarantee it works!

Step Four:

Put the notebook/journal away. Do not look at it for at least 2 hours. After that, when you are ready, read what you wrote. Does it feel like anything you would even write? Most of the time it doesn’t! Pay close attention to what was written and see what you find. You may not really like the answer, because if you did you may have already “thought” about it and done it. Or perhaps you found the perfect solution! How easy was that?

What you have done in this process is access YOUR higher wisdom. The place where all the correct answers are for your life’s journey. Some people connect to angels or spirit guides and that’s ok too as they are the gentle ones nudging you towards your highest potential in this lifetime.

I’m not saying that you have to follow this advice – you have and always will have free will. The choice is always yours. But know that this answer is the one that will propel you forward in the most positive way. Even if it is a little uncomfortable now, everything will turn out for your highest good. And taking action towards your highest good is always rewarding in the end. If you choose something else right now it will just deter you off your path until you are ready. But if you are like me, I like to get things done now – why wait?

Everyone is intuitive, yes even you! It is a gift we are all born with and it just takes a little practice to get it working again. If there were to be a Step Five, it would simply be TRUST. Trust yourself, trust your higher wisdom. That can be challenging and I told you it would be simple, therefore there are only 4 steps! Ok, I see you are excited and in it for real – so here you go:

Bonus (Step Five):


Let me know how this goes for you. Leave me a comment below.
If you have any questions at all feel free to leave them below as well and I will answer you.
One, two, WRITE!

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