Significant New Awareness for Permanent CHANGE!

If you want change NOW and are ready to commit to a new way of life, then the S.N.A.P. CHANGE! Coaching Program is the answer to your dreams!

If you …

  • Suffer from chronic illness, disease, or body issues
  • Struggle with money or finances
  • Have trouble maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends and/or intimate partners
  • Are confused about your life purpose
  • Aren’t enjoying life everyday
  • Feel stuck in any area of your life

… then there is a disconnect or misalignment somewhere in your energy body.

Your energy body consists of:

  1. Your physical body
  2. Your emotional body
  3. Your mental body
  4. Your soul (spiritual body)

Now the misalignment may be in one of these areas or it may be the alignment of all of them as a whole. It matters not! If one area of your life is out out balance, all areas of your life become out of balance. And if left unattended, it will eventually show up in your health. 

S.N.A.P. Change! Coaching is a way to address what is causing this uniquely in you and re-aligning your energy body creating the results you are seeking. All of the answers for YOU are unique and known only by your highest. Let’s tap into that, find your answers and imagine what your life could look like 6 months from now! What is your highest vision for every area in your life? Let’s go there and make it reality!

Laura’s compassionate and inspiring guidance helped me to form my vision for my new year in life.We developed a vision, goals to move me in the direction of my vision, and tactical and measurable action steps to perpetuate me toward my goals. Prior to our session I was feeling stuck. I am grateful for Laura’s coaching which launched me forward!
~Amy M @Kirkland, WA

Would I recommend Laura Young and her intuitive coaching? Yes, if you are truly willing to take her advice and implement it. Her insight using the chakra system will help you to uncover how your body is trying to speak to you about your life choices and your future.
~Te-Erika @My Savvy Sister

Every 2 weeks in our one-on-one call we will:

  • Do a guided introspection allowing you to access your higher wisdom
  • Work on all aspects of your energy body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)
  • Discover the answers that you hold to specific questions that will move you forward
  • Create actionable steps you can take during the week to make drastic changes

I will take you by the hand and guide you through the most amazing journey you can imagine and you will come out on the other side with the ability to live in true alignment to the magnificent being you were designed to be with complete confidence and ease!

Are you ready?

If the answer is YES – go ahead and sign up below! Or contact me so we can chat a little and decide if we are a great fit together!

All sessions are done over the phone and each 2 hour session is securely recorded for you. If you prefer to do these sessions in person, you are free to record them yourself. 

Your investment for this program is just $444 a month with a 6 month commitment – or pay in full for 6 months and $ave!

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