Have you been diagnosed with a serious illness or disease?

Do you feel frustrated, angry or anxious in your experiences?

Are you unsure how to change the limiting beliefs that you know are holding you back?

Through transformative processes via guided introspection techniques and processes we will enable you to realize your true perfection and bring you back to your true perfection so you can begin living a meaningful life again.

This is an integral solution for:

* Pain control

* Serious illness

* Phobias/depression/anxiety

* Modifying undesirable behavior

* Liberating and transforming unhealthy beliefs and vows

* Healing childhood and adult traumas

We will work consciously, effectively and gracefully to allow you the freedom to live the life you came here to live. We will bring you back to a place of integrity, wholeness and authentic inner strength to realize your pure potential and truth in this lifetime.

I promise to hold a safe, sacred and loving space to discover your limiting beliefs, when and how they were formed and how to rid them from your past, creating new beliefs to take their place. All of this is done with neutrality and non-judgment.

The truth is we are all born PERFECT! But most of us got off our path many years ago due to the influences and experiences we have endured. These things are not our fault yet sometimes the shame can feel overwhelming. It is up to us to make the conscious choice to get back to that perfection, to remember our life’s purpose and direct ourselves back to what our soul came here for.

This is YOUR life! You were meant to live in joy, love and bliss every moment of every day! Let’s get you back to that aligned, confident, powerful, awakened, inspired and authentic self of yours, shall we? I’m ready when you are!

We can work together either in person at my office in Lynnwood or via phone, your choice.
No, this is not hypnotherapy and yes you will be fully alert during the entire process. This also works well combined with Reiki sessions to rebalance your chakras and keep you physically healthy. 

Although one session may be enough to shift your energy drastically, you may be inclined to do twice monthly sessions to obtain deeper results. If so, please check out the page on S.N.A.P. Change! Coaching to get a significant discount.

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