Do bad things happen to good people? NO – No, they don’t.

Bad things happen FOR good people.

When you are ready, you will receive your gift.


What does this mean? It means that you will be given opportunities to move you forward once you are ready.

Are you a good person? Did you lose your job, break up with your partner, have your car stolen, get the flu? Well then that is good news! You are ready to receive your gift.

In order to have a meaningful and fulfilling life, you need change. You need progression in a forward manner. When you get stuck, when things are not working out for you, that means it is time for something drastic to pick you up and move you forward.

And losing a job, breaking up with someone or having ill health is the perfect way to do that. Go ahead and sit on the pity pot for a moment if you need to. But then flush, shake it up, shake it out and get back on the path you really want and are intended to have.

You have free will, but do you always use it? Not if you are stuck in that crappy job or relationship. You are just making the best of it day by day. And how does that serve you? It just makes every other part of your life follow suit and break down as well until it seems as if nothing is working right anymore.

And remember that free will I just mentioned? Well it is there for you 24/7. It is there for you right now! You can use it any time you want. You are the one in charge of you. You are the one that is living your life and trust me, your life is not meant to be in struggle. Your life is meant to be rich and happy and fulfilling in whatever way that means for you!

Do you know what the best part of this is? Once you understand it and believe it, then you won’t waste your choices. You will be using your free will at the drop of a hat! You won’t be waiting for the other shoe to drop before making radical choices in your life! You understand that it is ALL for your highest good and perhaps it really isn’t “bad” after all.

That dream job, your soul mate, your new best friend? They are out there patiently waiting for you. And if that space is already occupied, then there is no way they will find you!

So out with the old and in with the new! Purge the negative and non-serving from your life and make way for something better, for the gift!

Woohoo! Let’s get this party started! I love gifts!

Share in the comments below the gift you are most looking forward to receiving!

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