Bad news

Another tragedy, another chaotic scene, another bloody day. How are you reacting to this? If you are like most, you are reacting with FEAR.

Whether the influx of tragedies on this planet are man made disasters or natural disasters (some of which I believe are man made but that’s a whole other post and one I will not be making), the increase of FEAR inside each of us gets amped up a notch. That is “human” nature. In our humanness, this creates many physical problems. It stresses our adrenal glands, disrupts our sleep patterns and causes digestive issues just to name a few. You might say, “Yeah, well that’s not my fault – what am I supposed to do about it?” Looking for the answer? Let me try to explain what I believe is not only the answer to keeping you healthy, but keeping the planet healthy as well…

Somewhere you know that we are all one. You may not consciously remember this as I believe this is what we are here to experience. However, we are all just sparks of the Universe, of God, of the Creator. We are all connected energetically and when we pass we will be reunited with the other “sparks”. No judgment, no good or bad – we just ARE, and we ARE ONE.

You may ask “How can I be ONE with someone that causes such tragedy, such immoral acts?” Again, that is another post. What I am here to say today goes beyond that to find you the answer to the question “How can I get out of FEAR?”

Everything has one of two basic roots – FEAR or LOVE. Really just two – that’s it! When you experience negative emotions those of course are based in fear – hate, revenge, guilt, shame, anger. Love is pretty self-explanatory – joy, excitement, pleasure, bliss. Love feels good, fear feels awful. More love begets more good, more fear begets more tragedy.

With that said, which do you prefer? You would think the common answer is of course love. But the actions of the day dispute that. For example, people are racing to find out the religious affiliations of the Boston Marathon Bombers – why should this even matter? This comes from fear. People are lining up to find out who to “blame” so we will know who to “hate” and this makes us all focus more on the fear. When you focus on fear, you receive more reasons to remain focusing on fear. FEAR and LOVE cannot reside in the same space at the same time. That means you cannot hold love and healing for the victims and hold fear and hate for the perpetrators. You can hold one energy at one time. So make a choice.

The longer you stay in fear the more tragedy will follow. As a collective more people are living in fear right now. That is obvious as it is influencing the state of the planet as a whole. And looking at what is happening you can see it is not good. As a collective if we were to hold the space of love we could potentially release some of this negativity and create peace. This is what is meant by the term “mass consciousness”. What the majority is thinking, feeling, believing is what creates the state of the planet. Can we shift this, YES WE CAN!

So what can you do? As you are meditating, praying, or whatever you use as a way to connect with your God, your Source, your Higher Power – focus on your heart. Focus on breathing in and breathing out of your heart. Feel love, really FEEL love, and ask your God to assist you in remaining calm and peaceful. Send healing and love to all involved in the world. It doesn’t matter if they are victim or criminal as it is not up to us to judge that, it is up to us to love and hold the energy on this planet in peace. Don’t get all involved in the news reports, how does this help? Do not read the comments on Facebook, even from family and friends, that will trigger the fear in you. You can make this decision, you have free will.

You are more POWERFUL than you know. As we are all one, then as a collective our thoughts matter. Our energy matters. Our intention matters. You matter, I matter and everyone else on this planet matters as well. It’s up to each of us to be the change. It’s up to each of us to choose wisely. Choose LOVE!

As always, this is my opinion. You may or may not resonate with what I have said and that is perfect. Please leave a comment below, and because of the sensitive nature of this post please be respectful to other people’s pain.

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