Yes, that is what I said. And that is exactly what I meant.

You are perfect.

I am not writing a list of “10 ways to become perfect” or “7 easy steps to perfection” or anything like that. It is unnecessary. You already are perfect. You were born perfect. And everything that has happened, or is happening, in your life is perfect. No, I’m not drunk.

Most of us feel a lottle (a little or a lot) less than perfect. If only I could _____ then everything would be perfect. If I had never ______ then I’d be a little more perfect. If I had (or didn’t have) ______ then my life would be perfect.

Ummmmm, NO! That’s just crazy talk. That little voice monster inside your head just loves messing with you for her own enjoyment to see what your next move will be and if she can create a little drama in your life. You know what I’m talking about!

cover ears

Just assume for a moment that you already have the perfect body, you love your job, have excess money in the bank, a great house and car, the best of everything you could ever dream of. Your family is loving and supportive of each other and you have no fears. Imagine your life as if it were truly perfect. Just breathe that in. How does that feel in your body?

Now back to your reality. That extra weight you are carrying is making your pants uncomfortably tight around your waist. Your kids are hungry and cranky. You have bills due today but not enough in the bank to cover them all. Your spouse is an alcoholic. Your boss keeps adding stuff to your in box and you had to leave early today to see your doctor because your illness is getting worse. I will not ask you to breathe again and tell me how that feels. I can already feel you!

If you are still with me here, thank you. I know it was difficult to get through that last paragraph and want to continue reading. Reality usually sucks. How we live in our imagination is usually perfect. So what if I was to tell you that you can create your reality through your imagination?  And that everything in your reality is the way it is because you don’t believe in your imagination enough?

When we look at our life and see what isn’t “perfect” right now, we feel like we need to do more, more, more. We aren’t enough. And that simply is not true. You are enough. You were born with a unique gift, the gift of YOU, and you have everything you need right now to have a perfect life.

Try this: Put on your rose colored glasses and make a conscious effort to use your imagination every day. Imagine feeling good in a bathing suit, imagine happy and loving children, imagine that you have more than enough money in the bank. Imagine your spouse taking care of themselves (or leaving you if that is a better situation). Imagine loving your job (or working at a new job that you love) and imagine your body in perfect health.  And as you imagine these things, breathe into them and feel how it feels. Feel the gratitude you have for all of these things.

What have you got to lose? You already know which scenario feels better. Give it a try and see what changes in your life. Believe me, there WILL be changes! And I’d love for you to come back and comment below when they happen!

Perfect is as perfect does.

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