Love or Fear

In any circumstance or any moment we always have just 2 options:

  1. Be in LOVE
  2. Be in FEAR

LOVE resides in your heart and is your truth

FEAR resides in your mind and is your illusion

LOVE is anything positive such as confident, reliable, easy, amazed, free, curious, interested, satisfied, receptive, accepting, kind, great, joyous, lucky, fortunate, delighted, overjoyed, gleeful, thankful, important, festive, ecstatic, satisfied, glad, cheerful, sunny, merry, elated, happy, jubilant, alive, playful, courageous, energetic, liberated, optimistic, provocative, impulsive, free, frisky, animated, spirited, thrilled, wonderful, good, calm, peaceful, at ease, comfortable, pleased, encouraged, clever, surprised, content, certain, relaxed, serene, free and easy, bright, blessed, reassured, loving, considerate, affectionate, sensitive, tender, devoted, attracted, passionate, fascinated, intrigued, absorbed, positive, eager, keen, inspired, determined, excited, strong, impulsive, free, sure, certain, unique, dynamic, tenacious, admired, warm, touched, loved, comforted, engrossed, curious, enthusiastic, bold, brave, daring, optimistic, re-enforced, confident, hopeful, secure, etc. *

FEAR is anything negative such as irritated, enraged hostile, insulting, sore, annoyed, upset, hateful, unpleasant, offensive, bitter, aggressive, resentful, inflamed, provoked, incensed, infuriated, cross, worked up, depressed, lousy, disappointed, discouraged, ashamed, powerless, diminished, guilty, dissatisfied, miserable, detestable, repugnant, despicable, disgusting, abominable, terrible, in despair, sulky, bad, a sense of loss, confused, upset, doubtful, uncertain, indecisive, perplexed, embarrassed, hesitant, shy, stupefied, disillusioned, unbelieving, skeptical, distrustful, misgiving, lost, unsure, uneasy, pessimistic, tense, helpless, incapable, alone, paralyzed, fatigued, useless, inferior, vulnerable, empty, forced, hesitant, despair, frustrated, distressed, woeful, pathetic, tragic, dominated, boiling, fuming, indignant, indifferent, insensitive, dull, nonchalant, neutral, reserved, weary, bored, preoccupied, cold, disinterested, lifeless, afraid, fearful, terrified, suspicious, anxious, alarmed, panic, nervous, scared, worried, frightened, timid, shaky, restless, doubtful, threatened, cowardly, menaced, wary, hurt, crushed, tormented, deprived, pained, tortured, dejected, rejected, injured, offended, afflicted, aching, victimized, heartbroken, agonized, appalled, humiliated, wronged, alienated, sat, tearful, sorrowful, pained, grief, anguish, desolate, desperate, unhappy, lonely, grieved, mournful, dismayed, etc. *
*list of positive and negative feelings borrowed from

You will notice the list of FEAR/negative is so much longer than the list of LOVE/positive. There are so many more words for that, and therefore the odds of feeling those are greater if our life is left on auto-pilot.

Here is the good news: it is impossible for LOVE and FEAR to transpire at the same moment.

Here is more good news: You always have the choice to choose LOVE. YOU HAVE THAT POWER, YOU HAVE FREE WILL. You can do anything you choose to do at any time.

Where are you right now? Are you in your head experiencing any form of fear? If so, how is that serving you? What is the payoff of fear? How is it affecting your body?

I invite you to put your hand on your heart right now and take a few slow breaths. Breathe in the love and breathe out the fear. Rub your heart until the love is activated and replaces the fear.

When you feel any negative/fears or have a choice or decision to make in the next week put your hand on your heart and do the above exercise. Make all your choices from love see what happens.  

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I’d love to hear feedback on how this works for you! Email me at the end of next week with your miracle stories!

Have a blessed week!

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