What brings you the most joy?
What ignites that spark in your heart?
Whatever that is, do more!

What lights you up

I have realized that for me, the thing I wish I could do more is light other people up. Nothing thrills me more than to see that light wash across someone’s face when they find their truth.

What am I talking about? When I am with a client, a family member or a friend and I am able to hold them up to the light, to make them “remember” that they are perfect – it’s unbelievable the energy that happens.

You are not a mistake. Nothing you have ever done or had done to you is a mistake. You are truly perfect. You don’t have to do or be anything other than who you are to have this be true. Every single one of us is unique and no two people are alike. We all have emotions, we all have inner voices that try to bring us down daily, we’ve all had trauma. It doesn’t matter whose trauma is worse than the next person’s – we all feel it the same. My level 10 of pain is the same as your level 10 of pain regardless of what has caused it.

We try so hard to be perfect, and we already are. Not when we lose that extra 50 lbs, not when we get more education, not when we make more money, not when we find our soul mate. Right this moment we are all divine perfection and exactly where we are meant to be.

We all keep ourselves stuck in the “wanting more, doing more, being more” so we can measure ourselves against others. Huge time waste! We will never be what anyone else is, we can’t.

What I love is when I can see the ignition of that spark in someone’s eyes. When they finally get it. Their energy relaxes and they can begin to love who they are without judgment. They can begin to love others without judgment. They realize that, just like snowflakes, no two people are alike. They don’t have to keep pushing to be something they aren’t. They can be who they are RIGHT NOW in authenticity with no apologies.

That light is what keeps me going. I want to see that every single day in every person I encounter. I want to hold that mirror in their darkness until they realize their own magnificence. That moment when things connect and they no longer have to pretend to be someone they aren’t. They don’t need to be, they are already better than what they thought they were.

Can you do this for other people? Can you do this for yourself? Do you need someone to do this for you?
Whatever you answered YES to, it’s all good. Find the light so you can be the light.

Is there something else that lights you up? Please share in the comments below!

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