Speaking Opportunities

I am Laura Young, Intuitive Healer, Coach and Teacher living in Bothell, WA.
I would love to have the opportunity to speak at your event!
I speak on topics such as:

The Secret Blessing of Disease
Reconnecting to Your Body’s Wisdom for Optimal Health

The answers to aligning to our perfect state of health are inside each of us. Regrettably when we get sick with an illness or disease we may not know how to access that information. Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn how to tap into your divine guidance and understand exactly what you need to do to have a healthy body.

  • Discover how to listen and interpret what your body is telling you through illness & disease
  • Learn how cells hold memories & how you can change them into healthy cells right from where you are right now
  • Walk away with the 3 most important things you need to know to begin to reclaim your perfect divine health today

Your Divine Energy System
Create Your Optimal Health Through Energy Management

Our bodies are made up of atoms, protons and sub-atomic particles. What does this have to do with who we are and the state of our health? Everything! Once we become aware of our energy system and how it works, we can change or maintain our current state of health. Everyone has the capacity to receive, interpret and successfully use their senses to heal.

  • Discover how your energy system works and the relationship between your energetic body and your Divine health
  • Becoming aware of your intuitive abilities and interpreting this information for greater health and well-being
  • What you can do to begin feeling better today

I speak in a fun and easy to understand way with audience participation. I can speak on either of these topics from 20–120 minutes and include a short talk, a meditation, hold audience sharing, Q&A and/or mini readings at the end depending on the length of the time I am allotted.

If you are interested in having me speak, please contact me at laura@aligntodivinehealth.com.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!

*Laura Young is an Intuitive Healer from Bothell, WA. She currently works with highly conscious individuals seeking alignment to their perfect health with her unique blend of coaching, intuition and energy healing. As an Intuitive she is able to access and assess the health of the body energetically and go directly to the root of the problem, assisting her clients in finding a clear and concise path back to their optimal health. You can contact Laura through her website http:/aligntodivinehealth.com. 

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