Soul Vision Mapping – Thank you!

I’m so excited you decided to give this process a try! This is going to be life changing for you so I hope you’re ready!

You can access the recording by clicking on this link.

Please print out your 18 page workbook and have it ready before listening to the recording. You will be taking notes during a guided meditation and I created this to make it easier for you!

Also, you will be doing a vision map or vision board immediately following the process, so you may want to get some supplies together and set up at a table so you can get right to it!
Things you may need are:
Sheet of paper (8 ½ x 11 up to however big you want)
Glue stick
Magazines that you can cut up
Markers, crayons, colored pencils
Glitter, ribbons, fancy tapes to be creative and make borders, etc. if you want

After you are done, if you have any questions, comments (or would like to send me a picture of your vision map) feel free to email me through the contact link on my website. I’d love to hear how this experience was for you!

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