People are interested in Energy Medicine!

If you would like to hear more about The John of God Crystal Bed Healing listen to the audios below!

On May 22, 2014 Loretta Brown from Reiki Oasis interviewed me about John of God and Crystal Bed Healing on her radio show Voice from the Oasis.

Voice from the Oasis with Loretta Brown


Loretta_12 (2)

2nd & 4th Thursdays 8:00AM – 9:00AM on 1150 KKNW
Loretta Brown, owner of Reiki Oasis LLC, has been practicing and teaching Energy Medicine, sound healing, intuitive Guidance, and psychic development since 1995.
It is now Loretta’s joy to offer the radio show, and make her teachings, her meditations, her song, and her gifts available to the Radio Listeners. Thank you for coming to the Oasis. May you find light, joy, beauty, harmony and compassion. This is a Call In Show, so please bring your questions and problems. Loretta will connect with your Guides and Angels for the answers.
Loretta is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Cross Cultural Music in Health Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Free Soul Counselor/Instructor, Professional Healing Musician, Ordained Minister with the Congregation for Angelic Peace, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Visionary Healer, Intuitive, and really….just the girl next door.


On June 21, 2014 Travis Taylor from Travis in Seattle chatted with me about Energy Healing on his radio show Create the Life You Want

Create the Life You Want with Travis Taylor


travis in seattle

Saturdays 1:00PM – 2:00PM on 1150 KKNW
Travis is a nationally known psychic, spiritual healer, consultant, and social justice attorney located in Seattle. He takes a compassionate and enlightened approach and accesses all aspects of being to provide guidance and insight that empowers and inspires clients and students around the country. During his show, Travis provides intuitive, spiritual, and practical information and techniques that listeners may use to access and develop their unique gifts and multi-sensory abilities and create abundance in all aspects of their lives.
For more information about Travis and the services he provides, please visit You can also follow Travis on Facebook and Twitter @travisinseattle.





On September 4, 2014 I had the privilege of talking about becoming a healer with Lyndsey Paul from Quantum Sol on her radio show Wisdom Within. Of course we also talked about Reiki, Intuition and the Crystal Bed!

Wisdom Within with Lyndsey Paul



Thursdays 1:00 – 2:00 PM on 1150 KKNW
We live in a world, day to day, that has become predictable. We are distracted with technological static, meaningless chatter and linear routines, we have begun to lose touch of what we truly are capable of, the depths of our true potential & power.

Join Seattle Native, Psychic Medium & Crystal Child, Lyndsey Paul; Her Sidekick & Skeptic Abraham Deweese & Indigo Child Sarah Ellis; As they reveal the unknown, shake up old paradigms and fearlessly tap into the depths of wisdom.  They will help you soar to new heights by answering your ultimate questions. No topics is off limits! Get out of your head and tune into your soul!

Lyndsey can also be found here:


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