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The regular price for a 30 minute Intuitive Reading is $150. But in LOVE and GRATITUDE to you I am offering you OVER 33% off – so the cost to you is just $97! 

Your Divine Health consists of the health of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When anything is out of whack in one area it totally affects the balance of your entire energy body. Luckily, that is my specialty. I will look at your energy field and see where there is leaking, stagnant or stuck energy. I will help you move that out and re-balance your system, giving you exercises (homework!) to do and answer any questions you have about any area of your life.

As we work together in a half hour reading, you will come away with a great understanding of what you need to do NOW to enter into a life journey of total joy! You will not waste one more minute living the way someone else wants you to. You will align to your highest potential and know which way to go when you face that fork in the road!

In appreciation and gratitude for opting in to my list, I would like to offer a special price on your first 30 minute Intuitive Reading with me!

Your energy system contains all the information I need to provide you with an accurate overview of what it is you need to know right now to get unstuck in any part of your life. You don’t have to do anything but show up for the call! I will get to the core root of your issue within the first 5 minutes, giving us ample time to determine the right course of action for you to re-align – even if you have no clue right now what that issue even is!

Here is what you can expect at the time of your reading:

* I will spend 30 minutes before our session:

  • Reading your entire chakra/energy system
  • Looking at what is aligned in your system and also what may be out of balance 
  • Seeing where you may have dis-ease in your body or are out of flow
  • Receiving guidance and information from your guides
  • Interpreting all of this information so I can relate it back to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have

* We will both call into a secure server so that I can record the call for you

* You will have the chance before our reading to submit questions or issues you would like me to focus on and we will discuss as time permits

* I will provide you with tools and/or some kind of homework to integrate healing, balance or alignment

* I will send you a link of the session within 24 hours for you to download at your convenience

The regular price for a 30 minute Intuitive Reading is $150. But in LOVE and GRATITUDE to you I am offering you more than $50 off – so the cost to you for all of the above is just $97!

Once you pay below, you will immediately be sent to my calendar so you can schedule a time that works best for you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I personally read and answer every email!

I look forward to talking with you – click on the “buy now” button below to begin the process!

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