Journey Through the Chakras
Chakra Wisdom for Healing


Chakra Yoga Fine Art


Are you a healer in an energy medicine modality such as Reiki or massage and want to help you clients experience more profound healing?

Are you anxious to learn the underlying cause for an illness or disease you or a loved one may have?

Would you like to be able to connect the dots on their/your health effortlessly?

 Join us in this one day workshop where you will learn how to drill down to underlying causes regarding your health and how to assist others in reclaiming their own ideal well-being.

Understanding the Mind/Body Connection to Reclaim Optimal Health

Find the core root of what is presenting in your physical body

Learn how understand the energy system and how it all fits together

Discover how to give your own accurate readings

Receive readings from Laura and other workshop participants

It’s never too late to uncover the reasons behind an illness/disease and regain perfect health!

I will share with you step by step how I do readings and decipher what my clients need so you can begin your own healing journey!


A bit of the wisdom you will gain:

The location of each of the 7 primary chakras on the body and other minor chakras

Finding your unique way of sensing them in yourself and others

What each of the chakras represent on a physical and emotional level in the body

Different illness or disease associated with each chakra

How the chakras correlate to the first 7 layers of the energy field or aura

There will be plenty of time for practice and Q&A to make sure you discover all you need




Come away from this workshop with the tools & confidence you need to incorporate this into your healing practice and your own personal use.

Next class date TBD

10:00am – 4:00pm

Edmonds, WA

Exact location provided after registration

$175 – includes lunch


Reserve your spot now by clicking below!


You will have the opportunity to add a full 90 minute Intuitive Reiki & Crystal Bed Session for the crazy price of just $100 upon checkout of the workshop.

Just click the “Register Now” button above and take advantage of this amazing offer!

Coming from out of town? No worries, here is the info you will need:

  • There is an Amtrak station just a block or so from where the class will be held – if you can get to the train, you can get to the class.
  • The local hotel is Best Western Plus – Edmonds Harbor Inn right by the train station! Call and see if they have a room available!
  • The quaint City of Edmonds is a few blocks away (walking distance) with shops, restaurants and a cute movie theater if you are looking for something to do before/after class.
  • You could also take a walk on ferry ride to Kingston and back – the ferry terminal is also 2 blocks away.
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