Do you have trouble focusing during the day?

Do you prefer being “out of your body” instead of grounded?

Does pain or illness cause you to drift away to the ethers for escape?

Although being somewhere else other than your body is usually much more enjoyable, it is equally important to be connected to spirit (that out of body feeling) AND grounded to fully function day to day. If you aren’t grounded, it is hard to focus, get organized, have meaningful communication and be present at work, driving, cooking or where accidents can occur.

So is there an easy way to do this?
Why YES there is!
And I’m going to give it to you FREE today!

I have for you right here – right now – a short, quick and easy meditation for grounding that I recorded at the last Intuitive Development Intensive Retreat I held. If you could start your day with this 7 minute meditation, it will sustain you for the day – allowing you to show up as your best self and have a productive day. By providing me your information to access this meditation, I will also send you my random spiritual and health articles as they are posted (never more than once a month) and updates on classes/workshops as I have them.

If you are planning on having a Crystal Bed Healing,
there is another great surprise waiting for you as well!

You will receive your very own unscented or lavender scented hot/cold therapy eye pillow on your first visit!
Silky smooth and comforting in a variety of colors that you can choose from!

eye pillow gift

Click on this link to find out more about the Crystal Bed Healings

that are held in person in my office in Shoreline, WA

With your permission by signing in below, I will send you information and updates and specials on the Crystal Healing Bed, new products and services and classes/workshops as well from time to time.

So are you ready? The meditation is free so what have you got to lose? Try it once, try it twice, try it every day for a week and see how different your life becomes. Share this link with a friend and see how it changes them.

Life is intended to be a joyful experience, but to really feel the joy you need to be in your body! So click on the subscribe button below for immediate download and let’s get this party started!

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