Do you feel like something isn’t quite right but can’t put your finger on it?

Is there someone in your life (past or present) that is holding you back from being YOU?

Have you been diagnosed will an illness or disease and want to manage it or get rid of it altogether?

Are you struggling in any area of your life like relationship, health, finances, career?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are out of alignment my friend!

Align To Divine Health is the name of my work for a reason – this is definitely my specialty!

Supply me with just 30 minutes of your time and I will provide you with a thorough “checkup” of your energy system – chakra by chakra.
During the session you will discover the following:

  • Where your energy is not effortlessly flowing in your body
  • Why this may be happening
  • What physical symptoms this could be, or will be, causing
  • Steps or tools you can use to create a more balanced and healthy quality of life

This is a complete session from beginning to end. I will actually read your energy about 30 minutes before our call so that we can dedicate the full 30 minutes of your invested time on the phone discussing what I see, give you tools or exercises that may be beneficial to your unique issues, and also have plenty of time to answer any questions you may have. Your session will be recorded so that all you have to do on the call is relax, be open and enjoy.

This is self-care in every sense of the word. So GOOD FOR YOU for taking care of you – you are the most important thing on this planet! It’s true!

I worked with Laura and her intuition really blew me away. She was so approachable and I automatically felt comfortable baring my soul to her. After our short time together I felt as if she really knew me. She is sincere and incredibly generous with herself. I would have paid twice what she is currently charging for the session we had. You won't be disappointed.
Yvonne Ling Kao

Laura's energy is very insightful, contagious, accurate and compassionate! In the beginning of our session she was able to connect with certain aspects of my energy that others have not and clearly - cleanly answered my questions on many levels. Thank you Laura!
Nels Peterson

More testimonials here

Are you ready to find out how to be balanced and healthy in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies?

I look forward to talking with you and getting you back to the balanced person you know you are meant to be!



If this interests you but the phone part doesn’t, we can also do this via email. Just click on this link to get started.


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