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12-week in person Group Coaching Program 

Awareness for

Are You….

Experiencing depression and/or anxiety?
Struggling with money or finances?
Having trouble maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends and/or intimate partners?
Confused about your life purpose?
Not enjoying life every day? 
Feeling stuck in any area of your life?
Not confident enough to be your authentic self?

I hear you and you don’t have to live like this any longer!

You BEFORE the program:

  1. You stay silent when you really want to speak up
  2. You possess a fear of being judged by others
  3. You are not able to make clear decisions
  4. You are unsure of how much your existence matters
  5. You feel like a victim of your past or current circumstances
  6. You don’t trust that God/Goddess/Source has your back
  7. You aren’t sure if you are worth the investment in yourself
  8. You find it easier to blame others for your circumstances rather than take 100% responsibility
  9. You don’t have a clear vision to work towards for a better tomorrow
  10. You can’t look deep into your eyes in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU without laughing
  11. You have a low degree of self-esteem or self-confidence

You AFTER the program:

  1. You know (without a doubt) that your thoughts and ideas matter
  2. You know (without a doubt) that what other people think of you is their business, not yours
  3. You know (without a doubt) how to make the right choices from your heart and higher wisdom
  4. You know (without a doubt) that you are here on this planet for a reason
  5. You know (without a doubt) “victim” is no longer a part of your being
  6. You know (without a doubt) that you are a part of everything bigger and are safe and protected
  7. You know (without a doubt) that this program was a catalyst in your life and oh, so worth it
  8. You know (without a doubt) that everything happens FOR you, not TO you, and you welcome all of it
  9. You know (without a doubt) exactly how you want every aspect of your life to be and feel capable of achieving it 
  10. You know (without a doubt) that you are LOVE and the source of your own reality
  11. You know (without a doubt) that your desire to change is stronger than your desire to stay the same

Hi! I am Laura Young. Reiki Master, Teacher, and Coach.

I’ve wanted to just be normal since I was young. I wanted to be a good mom, partner, employee, person. In fact, I wanted to be THE BEST of all of the above. I cared a lot about what other people thought of me while thinking very little of myself.

And life was hard. Really hard. There was drama and trauma at every turn. It took so much effort just to get through every day. Something really good would happen and then something worse would take that happiness away. Most of my days were filled with depression and anxiety, while wearing a mask out into the world so no one would know. Life was exhausting!

Things would temporarily seem to get on the right track after taking class after class, learning LOA, and becoming certified in every spiritual modality I could find. But only for a short time. I got to a point where I resigned to the fact that I was always going to struggle. I was a victim of my own circumstances and I knew that living a life of joy and abundance was just not destined for me this lifetime.

Then in 2011, I was given the opportunity to learn how to coach this course. I was taken through the complete process 3 times during the training. It completely transformed my life! It has been 7 years and although drama and trauma still exist in the world, how it affects me is not the same. I AM LOVE at all times, I feel neutral through any turmoil that arises, and I am in joy every day. I know that how I experience every moment is always MY choice. I also know that the story of Laura, especially my past, no longer defines who I am. This course was the magic that created a new confident me!

I have since used this program with many clients to improve their lives! Up until now, I have only done this in a one-on-one setting. But I can see the potential for deeper healing in a group setting. And I am here now to offer it to you! Are you ready to change the way you thought your life had to be? Let’s go!

Introducing the SNAP Change Group Program

Our time will look like this:

~ We will meet every Saturday at my office in Shoreline, WA from 10-12pm
Grab a cup of coffee, tea or water and snuggle up in a comfy chair
~ Voluntary check in with group members
~ Calming centering exercise
~ Discussion on the topic of the day with handouts
~ Guided meditative process where you will connect with your higher self to obtain answers to the questions of the day and set intentional action steps for the week
~ Q&A – time for clarity
~ Hugs and goodbyes until next time


What’s it all about?

The weekly modules are on topics that play off of each other from week to week. You will feel more confident and powerful after our very first class and even more so as the program progresses.

We will start at the beginning – your story – and that will be the base with which we will shine the light and release the years of fill in the blank that have shaped you into who you are today. You will emerge as a beautiful new being. You won’t recognize yourself when we are finished!


When I do this in private one-on-one sessions, the cost is $2400. You will be receiving the same information, structure, and benefits – however, I am able to offer this to you in the group dynamic for half that price! I want you to be a part of this!

Please note:

This is a commitment. I am only accepting 10 participants and once we hit that number registration is closed. Please be sure that you are available on Saturdays from 10-2 from January 5 – March 23, 2019. Your participation is important for your experience and the experience of the group.

Use coupon code “SNAP” when checking out for over 50% off the private coaching price of $2400

What People Are Saying

“I worked with Laura in a life coaching session and her intuition really blew me away. She was so approachable and I automatically felt comfortable baring my soul to her. After our short time together I felt as if she really knew me. She is sincere and incredibly generous with herself. I would have paid twice what she is currently charging for the session we had. You won’t be disappointed!”

Holistic Health Coach

I learned so much from taking a 10 week coaching program with Laura Young. I spent an hour or so a week with Laura – we talked about the week then went into a meditation where I listened to my hearts desires, dealt with pain that was holding me back, loved the little girl inside me and visualized the life I wanted for myself. Thank you Laura Young for the tools you shared with me that helped me build a life made purely of love and light.

Sales Assistant

Would I recommend Laura Young and her coaching? Yes, if you are truly willing to take her advice and implement it. Her insight will help you uncover how your body is trying to speak to you about your life choices and your future.

Multi-Media Journalist, Mental Health & Personal Success Teacher

We live in a cage with imaginary walls.
Walls made from our self-imposed limitations, our self-doubt, our fear.
Join me as we tear those walls down and you finally walk powerfully, confidently, and free in the world!

Laura Young

This All Sounds Great But…

Can this really help me?
If you are willing to go through the processes and do the work, it is foolproof. I personally know how powerful this is! I can’t really explain it, but I hope you trust me that it can ultimately change your life as well.
I can't afford it right now
This will be the best investment you will ever make for yourself. I used this excuse myself for years. Once I realized that I was worth whatever the cost, everything changed. You will no longer feel like a victim to money or anything else again. Try to find a way, I promise it will be worth it! And it is 1/2 off the regular 1:1 rate right now!
If you know you want to do this and would like to set up payment arrangements, please contact me via email and we can work something out.
I'm not sure I can attend every week

It is important that you are able to attend every week, so this is a commitment. I have intentionally set this for 2 hours in the morning so as to avoid any conflict. However, if there is a day that more than a few people can’t attend, we can vote ahead of time and maybe add it to the end of the program. 

What if I want to do this but the group is full?
I am hoping to run this group program many times, so if you don’t get in this time maybe I’ll see you next year! Just watch the website and your email for when it is offered again.
What if I have more questions before I decide?
You can email me anytime. I promise to reply within 12 hours. If you have never worked with me before and really want to make a connection to see if you resonate with my work, we can set up a short phone conversation. Just let me know!

Use coupon code “SNAP” when checking out for over 50% off the private coaching price of $2400

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