Does any of this sound familiar?

  •         I am sick, have cancer or a disease
  •         I don’t have good relationships with my friends or family
  •         I can’t find a good boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse
  •         I can’t get out of debt
  •         I can’t find a satisfying job
  •         I feel stuck

When things go wrong over and over in our lives we need to look at a couple very important things:  What am I doing to cause this? How can I stop it? Because the truth is that nothing shows up in our life unless we put it there. Everything happening TO us was created BY us. And it is created solely by our beliefs.

Everywhere you look it seems that people are saying “Just change your beliefs. Your beliefs are holding you back. Everything that happens to you happens because of your beliefs”. Ok, ok! We heard you! You make it sound so easy! But HOW do we do this?

We know that our beliefs are what keep us in this “holding pattern”, but maybe we aren’t sure exactly what they even are. They are so ingrained in our being that they aren’t obvious to us. We just live every day with them on auto pilot and which every thought and reaction we have is based. We need to call them out, one by one, and address them. So how do you uncover them? How do you know what they are when they are buried so deep?

Ask yourself these three questions. These questions will help you expose your beliefs so you can begin to make the choice to change them. I will use the first instance above as an example for each one, but if that is not your issue then substitute yours instead.

1) What am I more committed to?
Example:  Am I more committed to being healthy or being sick?
This is an easy one; however you may not like the answer. If you are sick then the answer is that you are more committed to being sick.

2) Why?
Example: Why am I more committed to being sick?
Is being sick easier than being well? Does it garner me the love and attention that I crave? Do I deserve to be sick? Has it become my identity and who I am?
That is where you will start to discover what beliefs are behind all this madness!  You will definitely spend the most time on this question because there will be many different beliefs that will arise to your awareness. Keep drilling down on these questions/answers until you can remember the first time you believed them, when they first became your truth. You may determine that these were made when you were so young you didn’t know any better, or that you had no choice at that time. But you do have a choice what to believe NOW. And just because you have believed these things all your life, that doesn’t mean you have to live one more minute still believing them. Reword them into more empowering beliefs and repeat these to yourself daily until it replaces the old belief. Example: I deserve to be sick could become I deserve to be healthy!

3) What would my life look like if this wasn’t happening?
Example: What would my life look like if I wasn’t sick? What if you had not a trace of disease of any form in your body? What would you be doing? How would you feel? How would your life be different than it is now?
See and actually feel every aspect. See how you look, what are you wearing? How is your hair styled? When you feel it, are you able to do activities that you aren’t able to do now? How does it feel to be doing these things?
Really put yourself there – use your imagination to see and feel every detail. Then ask yourself the first question again – what am I more committed to? Did the old commitment lose some of its power? Do you feel excited to change it? Can you keep the image of what your life would look like in your scope of vision daily? This will provide you with the control and authority you need in your life to make the changes needed to permanently change your belief(s) in this area and to completely change your life!

Maybe you have more than one issue mentioned above or perhaps some that weren’t even mentioned. I said maybe, but you know I’m kidding! We all have a few things that need some adjustment in our lives so we can live healthy, abundantly and happy! So go through these questions with each topic, maybe one a week, and see how your life changes for the better!

After all, we aren’t here to struggle, we are here to have everything we desire and live a life of joy! Doesn’t that just sound Divine? Oh yeah, it is!

Did this article stir you in some way? Please leave comments and questions below, I would LOVE to hear from you!

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