Is something holding you back in your life, but you aren’t sure what?

Do you have anger, anxiety, or depression that seems to hit for no reason?

Does it drive you crazy that you have trouble letting the little things go? 

The simple answer to changing these things is forgiveness!

I did my very first formal forgiveness process in 2006. I thought it was a stupid thing to do and totally unnecessary for me. But I was in a training seminar called The Journey, and this was what they were having us do. So I played along. And this exercise that I thought was so stupid actually ended up changing everything in my life!

I ended up doing a lot more training in The Journey and found it intriguing. In a nutshell, The Journey’s premise is that our cells hold memories. And when we are sick, like with cancer, these cells just keep replicating in the same diseased state. So in order to heal, we need to change the memories of the cells. And through The Journey, we do that with forgiveness work. I have used this sporadically with my clients when the need arose.

Fast forward 10 years – I was invited to contribute to a book and I found myself writing a story about – you guessed it – FORGIVENESS! They asked for a bonus gift for those that purchased the book early. I decided to do a forgiveness meditation and went to work choosing one from the many that I facilitate with clients. I couldn’t decide which one to use, so instead, I grabbed my mic and downloaded a brand new one in one take! It is totally different than the other ones I have done, and the feedback has been wonderful!

This process can be so powerful, and life-changing, that I want to share it with everyone! It can be done as many times and/or with as many different people as you choose to open up your energy for bigger and better things to evolve in your life! Please give it a try!

For best results watch the short video first
and then listen to the 20 minute guided meditation!

 Forgiveness IS Freedom!

Guided Meditative Forgiveness Process


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